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Be Simple and yet Complete

Be Simple and yet Complete

May you be Simple and yet Complete in the Love of all Loves.

Simple like the smile of a child that belongs to the realm of Angels
Simple like a grain of sand that is part of the Uni-Verse
Simple like a drop of water that contains in it all Mysteries
Simple like a spark of Light that embraces in it all Miracles

Remember the source that generated You
That source keeps existing in You and was never lost
Like the Sun that ever shines beyond clouds and nights

You just have to Remember Who You Are

In that knowing there is
No loss or gain
No joy or pain
It Is What It Is
It is All Now

Be Simple and yet Complete!



Your Kiss

Your Kiss

In the first morning
When the Sun is pleasing the sky with its Light
You came to please me with your Presence.

As a new born blade of grass
Is bowing in front of the sun
Under the sweet pressure of a dew-drop

So here I am
Bowing  in front of You
Under the sweet pressure of your Kiss.

Annalisa Grova


Under the Same Sun


A dance of lights and shadows on a calm winter afternoon.

Life goes on… it keeps flowing… under the same Sun.

From the sounds of New York to the deep peace of this sacred corner of Sardinia.

In this silence the sea speaks, as well as the stones and the wind.

I hear them.

They are welcoming me back to this Ancient Land.

I look up at the sky and I am thankful.

I left my Children and Friends and now I find Them here

While, sitting on a rock, I lose and find myself in the infinite horizon.

Life continues to flow at the beat of every heartbeat

With each breath of this air of light.

Far away and yet close… under the same Sun!


Life is like a river

BlakeLife is like a river

There is a continuous flow and it is wonderful when we live in that sort of abandonment and faith. No resistance, yet confident in those currents that will lead us where we should go, especially if the helm is the heart and the soul is guiding it.  Especially if, when looking at our thoughts, we are not identified with them, yet we observe them, letting go of those linked to fears, doubts, judgments and imagination.

Thoughts … We can create many thoughts and they can create many new chains or strengthen the existing ones! 

Only when we live in Presence it is like living in a house of pure crystal and those thoughts that are heavier are felt as bundles of denser energy that touch one of the glass walls and are rejected. Many thoughts come with the vibration of fear and, unless we realize that, they can permeate and completely change the state in which we live. 

Living in a house of pure crystal is a blessing, it is as if we are living in continuity in a state of Harmony and Light. The weather can still change on the outside. Strong winds can make the walls vibrate as well as major hurricanes. But over time we will use the right tools so that the crystal house always remains as a harmonic case. Porous walls will allow the flow of the giving and receiving and yet they can repel and not absorb anything that is heavier. 

Each new day comes with 24 hours that can be experienced in many ways. Each one of us is an artist who has the ability to create. Longer is the length of time in which we live in a state of harmony and bigger is the desire to stay in this state and to feel harmonic notes, pure voices singing the most melodious songs. The more we are open to receive and create this music and the more we realize that it depends on us. 

Life becomes like a stage. Each one of us plays their own notes; the same is for nature, animals … or the wind or the sun … the sea and the lands. 

Each being has a Divine Essence. We meet, reflecting each other in the smile and in the glance, in the heart and soul. There is the possibility of expanding one in the Light of the other, recognizing the intrinsic Beauty and Purity, expanding in a Light that goes beyond what is unknown and yet … Known. 

… The curious Wind


I have written letters of Love and I have delivered them to the Sun

so that he would keep them secretly in his light 

Yet the curious Wind has stolen them and has guarded them in his heart 

He waited  for a red passionate sunset

to softly whisper those words of Love in the ears of a thousand Waves

I was there during that sunset

I heard his whispers … 

While the Sun was sitting  

made ​​me a wink

I replied with a knowing glance!

Annalisa Grova

Annalisa GrovaA