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Accept Things And Move On

Mervyn Brady from “Smelling The Roses”

“One thing that I learned that day was that

you have to accept things and move on.

There were certain things that had to remain unexplained and unanswered.

I knew I was too young to understand what happened.

I also knew one day I would grow into the answer.

In great moments of sadness something enters into your blood

and changes you.

I didn’t know it then, but looking back, those were the moments when God,

the divine sculptor, shaped my inner world.”

From: Smelling The Roses

I am convinced that one of the major reasons we are here is for the Soul

and therefore for the Gods to see, feel and hear

and experience their Creation in all its forms through us.

I know how much I have learned by watching a negative student or watching a student struggling

just as I did and still do with myself.   

So whatever your machine is doing, share it with the Soul. It will not judge you. It only wants to learn. 

If you are painting a room or kissing a girl, let the Soul in on it.  

That is the Work. 

The triad (sacred aim) is wrong if one thinks there have to be certain conditions

to start Self-Remembering.

Mervyn Brady

Excerpt from the book: