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Oneness with the Universe

“The first peace, which is the most important, 
is that which comes within the souls of people 
when they realize their relationship, 
their oneness with the universe and all its powers, 
and when they realize at the center of the universe 
dwells the Great Spirit, and that its center 
is really everywhere, it is within each of us.” 

~Black Elk

Edward Burne-Jones - The Angels of Creation - Day 6 - 1875-76

Each Relationship Is Sacred

From the Notebook, June 2011.

Everything in life comes as a Gift from above. Each encounter comes for a reason, each Relationship is Sacred.

What it is asked to us is to Be Present to each moment, to have eyes to see each detail and an open heart to feel and recognize each vibration, to live our lives fully and be thankful for each momeimagent of life. In each moment, even in the most unexpected one, something important can come and in the energies we can find another opportunity for Growth, Healing, Regeneration … Purification.

Why am I here? What is the purpose of me living this life in the family I have, having all these relationships?

In the last months, at moments, more Light came to make more clear something that was not clear before and after living the question I could later experience the answers.

I am here with this physical body and with the gift of a Soul that needs to grow in her being, her being of Light, that needs to be purified day by day.

Is that, one of the aims in this life time, is the purification of the Soul and from that the purification of the Whole?

An image comes often to me: I feel like there is a web and I am a part of it.
Many lines depart from the point where I am, like all relationships that I have in this life. Many other lines are related and connected to those lines, moving forward and backwards, in the future and past. I don’t even know about them and yet there is a feeling of infinite connection, Union.

Meher Baba says: ‘Distance between a drop here and a drop there in the ocean makes no difference to each drop’s relation to the ocean. Any drop within the ocean is within the entirety and homogeneity of the ocean.’

Each time I let go, I forgive, I have compassion … I am Thankful … there is a vessel that becomes freer from those heavier energies that were blocked there and becomes open to breath in and out Love and Light.

All relationships are an opportunity to reach that special moment where the Holy Light comes, regenerates and purifies another part of the Soul and from there travels in all directions, healing all pasts and futures.

There is a feeling that this purification goes beyond me … that Love and Light travel, healing and purifying so much more … allowing our Souls to move upward … to ascend.
It is a purification that is not only related to ‘my Soul’ but to the Whole. The feeling of sacred Union in between all Souls and Heavens … Microcosms and Macrocosms … the feeling of Infinite Light and Love traveling with freedom in all directions, becomes more clear.

Each time we let go, we forgive, we have compassion, we Love … it is not only for us, for our family’s members or friends … it is for so much more than we can think is possible.


Love your Dragons!

It is important to learn and constantly practice how to Love our Dragons.

Yes, to Love that part of us that often can be lost in the labyrinth of negative thoughts, in imagination and self-pity. That part that judges, that feels anger and resentment. That part that most of the time lives in fear.

We need to embrace our Dragons with our hearts: with acceptance, compassion, kindness and patience. Through Love they can change and evolve.

If we treat our Dragons with Love they will become more familiar to this vibration, they will learn how to love themselves, accepting without judging. They will learn how to treat in the way they want to be treated. Little by little they will learn that the only way is through Love and it will become easier for them to live in less fear and anxiety.

It is similar to the relationship between a mother and her child. In order for the child to grow in self-esteem, he needs to feel accepted and loved from his mother, even during his failures. He needs a Mother that constantly reminds him of his inner Beauty and Light, of his potential to constantly move upward and forward and grow and evolve.

With a child we practice patience, kindness, compassion.
In that loving embrace the child will grow in Faith and certainty and he will understand that, at the end, all is fine just the way it is.
Awakening the Mother in us that can Love the Child, will create a dynamic where, at a certain point, there will be no need even to ask for acceptance from the outer world. 
There will be harmony in between our worlds and a relationship that will allow us to enjoy life in a deeper state of Peace and Love.

Our Dragons have to become lighter in each one of their cells. 
Fear has to leave and that space can be filled with Love, because where there is fear there is not Love, where there is Love there is not fear.

May Love prevail always and all-ways!