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Oneness with the Universe

“The first peace, which is the most important, 
is that which comes within the souls of people 
when they realize their relationship, 
their oneness with the universe and all its powers, 
and when they realize at the center of the universe 
dwells the Great Spirit, and that its center 
is really everywhere, it is within each of us.” 

~Black Elk

Edward Burne-Jones - The Angels of Creation - Day 6 - 1875-76

In His Will is our Peace


“But you who are so happy here, tell me:
do you aspire to a more profound insight, or a greater ecstasy?”

She smiled a little, as did the shades beside her;
then answered with such gladness that her whole being seemed to glow with love’s first fire:

‘Brother, God’s generosity itself calms our will,
and makes us want no more than what we have, and long for nothing else.
If we desired any greater bliss,
we would not be in harmony with Him
whose love assigns us to a lower place.

The essence of this joy
is that we all have given up our personal desires
so that our will is merged with God’s own will.

Therefore our rank in heaven, from height to height,
is just as dear to each particular soul
as to the Master who appointed it.

In His will is our peace: It is the sea
into which all currents and all streams
empty themselves, for all eternity.”

~Dante Alighieri

Let Go and Live

From the notebook : November 4, 2013

Here in Sardinia, in these last months, many times I found myself sitting on ancient rocks, observing the sea, remembering some words from my Teacher Mervyn.

“We are terrified of letting go, terrified of living

Since learning to live is learning to let go

Let go, Let go, Let go, or you will hurt.”

An extra effort is needed to let go of ‘things’ that can create lower energy and a state of heaviness.

We are so used of living with heavy garments, covering what in its essence wants to be ‘naked’ at the Light of the Sun!

Yes, it is so ‘strange’ for us to go around ‘naked’, to just Be, to live from the Heart, in the simplicity of its miracle, to just Be and live expanding in Love.

I have Faith that each moment comes with opportunities that are leading us to expand more in freedom, like the Ocean, like the Skies. Often the same play is repeating itself until we will be able to see more. When we are able to keep the state of Presence, living as more as possible in the lightness of the Now where everything IS, we will be guided to use the right tools and to finally cut those cords that are not allowing the letting go of things.

That ‘letting go‘ is one of the keys that can open many doors.

Sometimes, if something related to the past or future is showing itself  in the theater of the mind, I acknowledge it… I breathe… I see what I have still to learn and then I embrace it with Acceptance and Compassion. I Forgive myself and others. I drink from the chalice of Peace. With Humility I allow the letting go and the flow in the infinite Light of the Whole.

At times it is not easy with all of them, some stay longer creating friction and pain and yet…

learning to live is learning to let go!

We are energy in constant flow and when we are holding ‘things’ we are just giving attention to the mind and that mechanical part of us. More we hold of things and more energy will be stuck, stagnating, there will be no flow and opening for all other possibilities that are Here Now for Us.

I am verifying that it is not easy to keeping letting go and I am observing that at times there is a sort of ‘friction in between cells’ almost felt at the heart level and yet that friction is felt and lasting less and less as the practice goes on.

Yes, Let Go and Live.

And when the letting go happens, there is the opening of a space for stillness, silence, Peace, Love and in that state the old dies and something new is born, like in the shore… like with the waves that come and go… returning to the ocean.

And there is understanding, opening, a sense of circulation of Light and Love inside the veins… inside the cells… inside the heart.

Everything becomes lighter…


I Am.

Before the Sunrise

In this world where we count seconds, minutes, hours …

Another day starts and it is the last one of the year.

In the world where there is no last or first,

Where there is no count of years, hours, minutes or seconds,

Everything is rejoicing in the nothingness of time and space.

Soon fireworks will color the skies reaching the stars,

Bringing our messages to our loved ones that left this world …

This world where we count seconds, minutes and hours.

I Remember …

Moments of Love, Joy, Peace.

Moments of suffering, agony, pain.

I embrace all of them and let them fly in the skies.

In this moment of unknowing there is a prayer in my heart.

May the Angels hear these words silently spoken from my soul.

May they assist  who is suffering now …

In this world where we count seconds, minutes, hours …

Before the sunrise,

Before the sunset.

With Gratitude and Faith for All That It Is Now


Love your Dragons!

It is important to learn and constantly practice how to Love our Dragons.

Yes, to Love that part of us that often can be lost in the labyrinth of negative thoughts, in imagination and self-pity. That part that judges, that feels anger and resentment. That part that most of the time lives in fear.

We need to embrace our Dragons with our hearts: with acceptance, compassion, kindness and patience. Through Love they can change and evolve.

If we treat our Dragons with Love they will become more familiar to this vibration, they will learn how to love themselves, accepting without judging. They will learn how to treat in the way they want to be treated. Little by little they will learn that the only way is through Love and it will become easier for them to live in less fear and anxiety.

It is similar to the relationship between a mother and her child. In order for the child to grow in self-esteem, he needs to feel accepted and loved from his mother, even during his failures. He needs a Mother that constantly reminds him of his inner Beauty and Light, of his potential to constantly move upward and forward and grow and evolve.

With a child we practice patience, kindness, compassion.
In that loving embrace the child will grow in Faith and certainty and he will understand that, at the end, all is fine just the way it is.
Awakening the Mother in us that can Love the Child, will create a dynamic where, at a certain point, there will be no need even to ask for acceptance from the outer world. 
There will be harmony in between our worlds and a relationship that will allow us to enjoy life in a deeper state of Peace and Love.

Our Dragons have to become lighter in each one of their cells. 
Fear has to leave and that space can be filled with Love, because where there is fear there is not Love, where there is Love there is not fear.

May Love prevail always and all-ways!