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Emotions ‘buried alive’.

1222015From the Notebook: January 9, 2015, New York.

It is January 9 and  I am still here in America.

The moon is high in the sky and the sun has not yet risen. Among the bare winter trees I can hear the wind talking … I see the snow making all roofs white and I hear cars in the distance …

Life goes on.

There is a feeling of being in a dream … in front of everything that is happening … in this moment that looks surreal.

Did it ever happen to you to receive some news, on a day that you thought would be like any other, and instead those news have changed you completely? You received such a shock that life suddenly acquires a completely different meaning.

It was December 29, Monday morning, and I was in my friend’s car, both were going to a meeting. Between one word and another I get a message. Our friend, Anna, is at the emergency room, hospitalized for a stabbing pain on her back.

That morning I got up imagining how the day would go and now I find myself in the car and the direction that the day is taking is completely different from what I had imagined!

In less than half hour, four of my friends and myself, instead of being at the meeting are at the hospital, looking into each other eyes and wondering about the meaning of that severe back pain. In our minds we think that soon, in the same day, Anna will be back home.

Again the imagination had failed!

One doctor after another, exams, questions … Anna comes in and out of that room, above a trundle-bed, after each examination, increasingly worried about the pain and what is going on. Each time the incredulous gaze of her eyes is meeting with ours. Anna is not understanding what is happening the same as each one of us. Our common aim from the beginning is to help, to support and ‘relieve’ her pain with our ‘smiling’ presence, until she has the first injection of morphine.

A few hours pass and the door opens for the umpteenth time. A doctor comes in and her mouth starts speaking words that one after the other are forming an unexpected news … unsettling for Anna and all of us. Tumor masses were detected at different levels including the spine. 

We are silent. Anna starts talking with tears in her eyes, almost not believing the words that she had heard. We are around her, each of us in a state of presence, trying to find harmony between the thousand thoughts that are invading the sky like wings of fear. It is the first fight that see myself having faith and accepting what it is. Personally I start living many difficult and yet special moments. I know how important it is to stay present and maintain a positive attitude, not allowing my mind to bath into the shores of negative imagination about the future. That is my goal: to support my friend, reminding her and especially reminding myself, to live constantly in the present moment, to live the moments one after another, believing in the miracle and hoping that the miracle that I am praying for corresponds to the divine will.

In the afternoon I pass several hours alone with Anna, from a corridor to another of that big hospital in New York, waiting for the clearing of a room in the oncology department. We talk about many things, especially trying to understand the connection between the masses, quite important, at the level of the spine and the emotions buried in them!

A first obvious emotion that comes out is that Anna for many years had felt unsupported by the family and had suffered intensely for this. Now that spine that was supporting the body was suffering and was screaming in pain.

In the hallway of the hospital that afternoon, I speak to Anna … both of us trying to understand the evolution of the disease. “The spine is the support of the body and you didn’t feel supported. In time, the pain rooted creating embedded parts which are now old and rotten and must be eradicated. Your arms right now cannot move freely because the pain and they cannot embrace what life is offering. You are blocked. There is insecurity and doubts about what it will be. Opportunities are constantly coming and are telling us to forgive and create new relationships with ourselves and others. The child that exists in us needs Love. It’s time to heal from all that is related to the past, cutting the cords of energy and becoming free. We have to become complete through the Light and Love that come directly from the source and that want to shine freely through all the cells of the body. There is a whisper of sacred words in the air that reaches the cells … there is the hope that they can regenerate to a new life. “

In the past few years, how many times I have personally realized that emotions ‘buried alive’ may resurface at some point, screaming for help to be freed and ‘enlightened’ !!!

How many times the body silently screams in pain, until, if it is not heard in time, generates disease.

Oh, if only we could hear and listen and constantly let go …!

Annalisa Grova

Under the Same Sun


A dance of lights and shadows on a calm winter afternoon.

Life goes on… it keeps flowing… under the same Sun.

From the sounds of New York to the deep peace of this sacred corner of Sardinia.

In this silence the sea speaks, as well as the stones and the wind.

I hear them.

They are welcoming me back to this Ancient Land.

I look up at the sky and I am thankful.

I left my Children and Friends and now I find Them here

While, sitting on a rock, I lose and find myself in the infinite horizon.

Life continues to flow at the beat of every heartbeat

With each breath of this air of light.

Far away and yet close… under the same Sun!


Everything is Energy


We are energy and everything is energy.

Everything is made up of waves of energy, from rock to light. Each vibration moves or undulates (like a wave) at a particular speed or frequency, therefore, the vibration of a rock will have a much lower frequency than the vibration of light. As everything is energy, all of our thoughts and feelings have vibrations and frequencies and have the most profound effect on our lives, and our perception of the world around us – they are our most potent creative force.

It is important to be responsible for what we are and what we project: for we attract circumstances and people depending on the energy we give out – our vibration attracts the same vibration, the closer it is to light or source, the higher the frequency and the converse is also true.

For this reason, I find it important to start the morning with the right note, smiling at the new day as a divine gift. If we start the day with gratitude this helps us to open up, to open our hearts to give and receive. It helps to harmonize our vibrations to the higher frequencies.

A harmonic music that sounds and reverberates in our hearts and in each one of our cells will be felt and perceived by the people we meet in any environment or even just when we walk down the street.

When love and harmony flow from our hearts we can see miracles all around us.

I remember one morning in New York, while I was doing my usual walk to go to work, I experienced an unforgettable moment. I was walking, present to the moment and with gratitude for the new day. At one point, near the traffic lights, I saw that something was happening that was creating disharmony. A driver was making an illegal u-turn and I observed the change of the vibration – the lowering of the frequency – within and around me, from harmony to disharmony. This perception of change came to me before it became apparent to the other drivers present at the scene. I remember stopping walking and praying for harmony, I connected to those harmonic vibrations in my heart and then consciously let them flow out and expand around me. All of this was happening in a very short period of time, in a split second, and what I noticed is that the energies worked so fast that the unexpected happened: everyone had seen what was happening but no one had honked or become negative as one would expect. All they did was to wait and accept the act of the errant driver and, shortly after, the traffic was resumed normally.

At that moment I realized, more than ever, how important it is to have the constant aim to create harmony within and allow it to expand, no matter where we are.

After that episode, every time I find myself in an environment where I feel discomfort due to the expression of negative emotions, I always pray and ask for help so that harmony can manifest. I have witnessed miracles and I treasure them in my heart.

We are responsible for what we create every day and it is important that we live every moment being ‘awake’ and not ‘asleep’.

We have to be consciously aware that every thought is a vibration, every action is a vibration. It’s up to us to choose the vibrations that we irradiate.

What is their origin? Are they coming from the light or the dark?

If they come from the Light they will allow us to live in the moment in a constructive manner … creating more Light. If they come from the darkness they will keep us anchored to something that is the opposite of construction, that is destructive … creating darkness.