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Accept Things And Move On

Mervyn Brady from “Smelling The Roses”

“One thing that I learned that day was that

you have to accept things and move on.

There were certain things that had to remain unexplained and unanswered.

I knew I was too young to understand what happened.

I also knew one day I would grow into the answer.

In great moments of sadness something enters into your blood

and changes you.

I didn’t know it then, but looking back, those were the moments when God,

the divine sculptor, shaped my inner world.”

Let the Soul In

“I am convinced that one of the major reasons we’re here

is for the Soul and therefore for the Gods to see,

feel and hear, and experience creation in all its forms.

So whatever your machine is doing, share it with the Soul,

it will not judge you, it only wants to learn.

So if you are painting a room or kissing a girl,

let the Soul in on it.

That is the work.

The triad is wrong if one thinks there has to be conditions

to start Self-Remembering.”

~Mervyn Brady


Let Go and Live

From the notebook : November 4, 2013

Here in Sardinia, in these last months, many times I found myself sitting on ancient rocks, observing the sea, remembering some words from my Teacher Mervyn.

“We are terrified of letting go, terrified of living

Since learning to live is learning to let go

Let go, Let go, Let go, or you will hurt.”

An extra effort is needed to let go of ‘things’ that can create lower energy and a state of heaviness.

We are so used of living with heavy garments, covering what in its essence wants to be ‘naked’ at the Light of the Sun!

Yes, it is so ‘strange’ for us to go around ‘naked’, to just Be, to live from the Heart, in the simplicity of its miracle, to just Be and live expanding in Love.

I have Faith that each moment comes with opportunities that are leading us to expand more in freedom, like the Ocean, like the Skies. Often the same play is repeating itself until we will be able to see more. When we are able to keep the state of Presence, living as more as possible in the lightness of the Now where everything IS, we will be guided to use the right tools and to finally cut those cords that are not allowing the letting go of things.

That ‘letting go‘ is one of the keys that can open many doors.

Sometimes, if something related to the past or future is showing itself  in the theater of the mind, I acknowledge it… I breathe… I see what I have still to learn and then I embrace it with Acceptance and Compassion. I Forgive myself and others. I drink from the chalice of Peace. With Humility I allow the letting go and the flow in the infinite Light of the Whole.

At times it is not easy with all of them, some stay longer creating friction and pain and yet…

learning to live is learning to let go!

We are energy in constant flow and when we are holding ‘things’ we are just giving attention to the mind and that mechanical part of us. More we hold of things and more energy will be stuck, stagnating, there will be no flow and opening for all other possibilities that are Here Now for Us.

I am verifying that it is not easy to keeping letting go and I am observing that at times there is a sort of ‘friction in between cells’ almost felt at the heart level and yet that friction is felt and lasting less and less as the practice goes on.

Yes, Let Go and Live.

And when the letting go happens, there is the opening of a space for stillness, silence, Peace, Love and in that state the old dies and something new is born, like in the shore… like with the waves that come and go… returning to the ocean.

And there is understanding, opening, a sense of circulation of Light and Love inside the veins… inside the cells… inside the heart.

Everything becomes lighter…


I Am.

There is a Body and a Soul

 When a human is born, there is a body and a soul, which share space 50/50 until the age of three. At that point, the body starts to become more and more active, learning its name, all about its surroundings, parental influence, even the country it comes from. The soul is constantly pushed into the background, and, through lack of stimulation, begins to fall asleep. By the time a person has reached age seven, this process is normally complete; the soul is asleep and its influence divorced from the body.

Most people live their whole lives in this condition unless some external shock is applied to the body (i.e. the death of a close friend). Such a shock awakens the soul and one may then turn to higher orders and begin to ask questions. However, the body is designed to put the soul back to sleep as it will not share the space readily with an apparent intruder.

For some people, however, either the soul does not completely go to sleep in the first place, or there is sufficient friction to reduce the power of the body and allow the soul to slowly open its eyes. Our school would be designed for someone like this, or in this condition. Schools such as ours have come not to awaken, but to provide water to those who thirst, and direction to those who are lost.

~ Mervyn Brady

Excerpted from an interview in 1999



From: Smelling The Roses

I am convinced that one of the major reasons we are here is for the Soul

and therefore for the Gods to see, feel and hear

and experience their Creation in all its forms through us.

I know how much I have learned by watching a negative student or watching a student struggling

just as I did and still do with myself.   

So whatever your machine is doing, share it with the Soul. It will not judge you. It only wants to learn. 

If you are painting a room or kissing a girl, let the Soul in on it.  

That is the Work. 

The triad (sacred aim) is wrong if one thinks there have to be certain conditions

to start Self-Remembering.

Mervyn Brady

Excerpt from the book: