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Always Here


The external surroundings can change,

yet Presence, Love, Joy, Harmony, Simplicity, Kindness, Faith,

exist beyond the surroundings.

I can be living in a cave or in the most amazing castle and that doesn’t create difference for what I Am.

The True Self exists beyond space and time, always Here and  Real. 

Kindness, just kindness

We must love, and love rightly and simply.

It is not enough for one man to show love; many must show it.

And how can we show what we have not got?

That is why we must forget ourselves and give.

We must not think about ourselves, about whether we are saying the right thing.

We can be more open to people by thinking of them.

We must feel them, feel what they need. 

There is a master-key that will open everyone: kindness, just kindness.

Rodney Collin