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Always Here


The external surroundings can change,

yet Presence, Love, Joy, Harmony, Simplicity, Kindness, Faith,

exist beyond the surroundings.

I can be living in a cave or in the most amazing castle and that doesn’t create difference for what I Am.

The True Self exists beyond space and time, always Here and  Real. 

Here in this Now

Here, where space or time have no voice

Here, where the past is the future in the present

Where the future is the present in the past

Here I can hear You and speak without speaking

Here I can hug You again without hugging

As the wind embraces us and the sun rises in the skies

Here, in this Now, are all seasons, all sunsets and sunrises,

all winds, all seas, and rocks and grains of sand …

all planets …

It is Here, in this Now, that I meet You

Please whisper in my heart the most secret and sacred things,

I will treasure them until I will meet You again!