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Meet Everyone in the Field of Love

Trust that everything that is sent to you is what you need for your Growth

Open your Heart to the Universe and receive all that is awaiting for you

There Is No Good or Bad

When you feel that your mind takes space, go back to your Heart

When fears are coming, embrace them, smile at them and let them go

We Need Them All

Agonies and Ecstasies

Do not have expectation and imagination about the unfolding of your day

Do not judge yourself or others

Just Be

Allow the waves of life to take You 

Do not resist them

Embrace with Gratitude everything that comes

Love each moment as a Gift that was sent to you from beyond the Skies

Do not see separation in between you and others

Because there isn’t

Meet everyone in the Field of Love where ALL IS

Enjoy the freedom of just Being Who You Are


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God Is Shy of Strangers


‘God exists. If you are convinced of God’s existence then it rests with you to seek Him, to see Him and to realize Him.

Do not search for God outside of you. God can only be found within you, for His only abode is the heart.

But you have filled His abode with millions of strangers and He cannot enter, for He is shy of strangers. Unless you empty His abode of these millions of strangers you have filled it with, you will never find God.

These strangers are your age-old desires — your millions of wants. They are strangers to God because want is an expression of incompleteness and is fundamentally foreign to Him who is All-sufficient and wanting in nothing. Honesty in your dealings with others will clear the strangers out of your heart.

Then you will find Him, see Him and realize Him.’

Meher Baba

From ‘The Everything and The Nothing’.


Presence is the Perfect Antidote, the pill that cures all diseases.

It is the Way to Freedom from all cages.

It is the Now where I become Free from past and future.

It is the Beat of the Heart  where there is  no fear, only Love.

It is the Touch of the Soul where I can reach the Sun, the Sea, the Wind and the Grain of Sand.

It is the Breath of the Spirit where I become One with Them.

It is the Moment where Everything Is and I Am.


Life is like a river

BlakeLife is like a river

There is a continuous flow and it is wonderful when we live in that sort of abandonment and faith. No resistance, yet confident in those currents that will lead us where we should go, especially if the helm is the heart and the soul is guiding it.  Especially if, when looking at our thoughts, we are not identified with them, yet we observe them, letting go of those linked to fears, doubts, judgments and imagination.

Thoughts … We can create many thoughts and they can create many new chains or strengthen the existing ones! 

Only when we live in Presence it is like living in a house of pure crystal and those thoughts that are heavier are felt as bundles of denser energy that touch one of the glass walls and are rejected. Many thoughts come with the vibration of fear and, unless we realize that, they can permeate and completely change the state in which we live. 

Living in a house of pure crystal is a blessing, it is as if we are living in continuity in a state of Harmony and Light. The weather can still change on the outside. Strong winds can make the walls vibrate as well as major hurricanes. But over time we will use the right tools so that the crystal house always remains as a harmonic case. Porous walls will allow the flow of the giving and receiving and yet they can repel and not absorb anything that is heavier. 

Each new day comes with 24 hours that can be experienced in many ways. Each one of us is an artist who has the ability to create. Longer is the length of time in which we live in a state of harmony and bigger is the desire to stay in this state and to feel harmonic notes, pure voices singing the most melodious songs. The more we are open to receive and create this music and the more we realize that it depends on us. 

Life becomes like a stage. Each one of us plays their own notes; the same is for nature, animals … or the wind or the sun … the sea and the lands. 

Each being has a Divine Essence. We meet, reflecting each other in the smile and in the glance, in the heart and soul. There is the possibility of expanding one in the Light of the other, recognizing the intrinsic Beauty and Purity, expanding in a Light that goes beyond what is unknown and yet … Known. 

On Joy

Joy is born inside and allows us to See Beauty in each detail of Creation.

In a state of Joy the essence of each cell dances with enthusiasm

at the sound of the most vibrant music played from the heart.

We are grateful for everything that Is … just the way It Is …

not asking for more than opening and expanding in Gratitude.

Joy can come for one moment and yet

In Presence Joy lasts for Eternity.


In The Stillness


In the stillness of space and time the heart hears silent words.

This state of peace and opening contains the Universe and in the         

 “uni-verse” there is oneness with the Whole. 

In this state things unfold the way that it’s supposed to be. 

Nothing can be done but to adjust our pace to the pace of the Higher, 

to walk in silence in the stillness of time and space,

to live in the space that exists in between cells. 

In this state there is no forcing or holding,

each step is guided by silent words and the invisible hand. 

The heart beats in alignment with the harmonic beats of the uni-verse, 

and in between beats there is the opening for the existence of Love and God.


Expands His Being

All beings are words of God,
His music, His art.

Sacred books we are, for the infinite camps  in our  souls.

Every act reveals God and expands His being.
I know that may be hard
to comprehend.

All creatures are doing their best
to help God in His birth
of Himself.

Enough talk for the night.

He is laboring in me;

I need to be silent
for a while,

worlds are forming
in my heart.    

~Meister Eckhart

Loves Messenger