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Meet Everyone in the Field of Love

Trust that everything that is sent to you is what you need for your Growth

Open your Heart to the Universe and receive all that is awaiting for you

There Is No Good or Bad

When you feel that your mind takes space, go back to your Heart

When fears are coming, embrace them, smile at them and let them go

We Need Them All

Agonies and Ecstasies

Do not have expectation and imagination about the unfolding of your day

Do not judge yourself or others

Just Be

Allow the waves of life to take You 

Do not resist them

Embrace with Gratitude everything that comes

Love each moment as a Gift that was sent to you from beyond the Skies

Do not see separation in between you and others

Because there isn’t

Meet everyone in the Field of Love where ALL IS

Enjoy the freedom of just Being Who You Are


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Each Moment

Each moment of life is a gift given to us. 

Often we take it for granted instead than being consciously grateful for it. 

The days or years that we live are gifts and opportunities for us

to expand in the outer world, becoming Real. 

Do we really know with certainty, at the sunrise of each day,

that we will be able to see the sunset of that same day? 

A moment comes after another and yet we do not know about the next.

Almost every day we start the day thinking that we know already what it is going to be, we imagine it. 

We often live the moment thinking about the future or the past .

In this way life is just slipping away under our thoughts and mechanical actions.

It is important to find the way  for living a real life and being consciously grateful for it.

There are moments in life that come with shocks and suddenly there is a deepening in what is Real, everything like a miracle is sought under a different light and a different scale.

Shocks can create a rumbling vibration and the whole valley of life starts quaking.

If we are embracing them with consciousness, shocks come as gifts and opportunities to transform what is old and rotten, to eradicate the old roots and plaint new seeds. 

In our inner gardens there are seasons and the aim is to create a Garden of Heaven with an eternal Spring, where the Light is constantly shining and Love is nourishing the Garden.

We ask for Miracles and they are given to us constantly if we can recognize them. 

Often we can go through imagination even about the way miracles will manifest. 

We just have to be humbly open to receive what it is given to us, having Faith that what is written in the Books of Life is what we need . 

There is the Will of God, a divine plan and we can aim to fulfill that unknown plan, living life in Gratitude, Love and Light and being open to receive Miracles.

In this New Year let’s remember to be grateful for each moment that is given to us and to expand in it as if it was the last gift!

We don’t have to wait for a Big Gift ,

yet we have to discover the Greatness of Life in each moment that we live.

Annalisa Grova


Before the Sunrise

In this world where we count seconds, minutes, hours …

Another day starts and it is the last one of the year.

In the world where there is no last or first,

Where there is no count of years, hours, minutes or seconds,

Everything is rejoicing in the nothingness of time and space.

Soon fireworks will color the skies reaching the stars,

Bringing our messages to our loved ones that left this world …

This world where we count seconds, minutes and hours.

I Remember …

Moments of Love, Joy, Peace.

Moments of suffering, agony, pain.

I embrace all of them and let them fly in the skies.

In this moment of unknowing there is a prayer in my heart.

May the Angels hear these words silently spoken from my soul.

May they assist  who is suffering now …

In this world where we count seconds, minutes, hours …

Before the sunrise,

Before the sunset.

With Gratitude and Faith for All That It Is Now


On Joy

Joy is born inside and allows us to See Beauty in each detail of Creation.

In a state of Joy the essence of each cell dances with enthusiasm

at the sound of the most vibrant music played from the heart.

We are grateful for everything that Is … just the way It Is …

not asking for more than opening and expanding in Gratitude.

Joy can come for one moment and yet

In Presence Joy lasts for Eternity.


Embracing Death as a New Life

botticelli-41In this early morning I came here to rest, abandoning my limbs on these white rocks. The sound of the waves and the singing of the birds  keep me here and I remember my Father.

Just one week ago he liberated himself from his limbs and went to his Father.

I close my eyes: I see only Light, I smile, I connect with Him. I am Grateful for what is now. Grateful for the last year and months, weeks and days, hours and minutes. Step by step, day by day, I became freer while my father started letting go, letting go of controlling, letting go of cords and bars of that cage where I saw him trapped for a long time. In his letting go and acceptance of a ‘change’, I accepted and let go, too.

Over the last year, in silence, we helped each other. No words to speak, only his hand in my hand, only smiles and hugs. During the last month I felt the complete dissolving of his controlling glance, something that I had always felt. In that dissolving a void was created that soon would be filled with a different energy.

As the last days drew in my heart opened more and more and I was finally able to Love him in the completeness of my being. I was a mother, a woman, a daughter. He was a child, a man, a father. Caresses were bringing and letting go anything left that needed to be transformed and go to the Light. Moments from my childhood and my relationship with my father came back offering me the opportunity to forgive and have compassion.

For months I had kept letting go and that void, at the end, was filled with Light and Love. In the moment that he left his body, he became free and I became freer. It is only one week and this liberation is expanding and is reaching deeper and all around, my children and more.

The understanding that came is now serving all my relationships. My Father made me free and now it is my desire to make my Children freer. In the last days those caresses as a mother were not only for him as a child but for all children, not only for him as a man but for all men, not only for him as a parent but for all parents.

Today in front of this Light I embrace the Whole and I am Grateful for the gift of Life and for being able to embrace Death as a New Life not only for those who ‘leave’ but even for those who are ‘staying’ for now.


Keep surrendering

Notes from December 2011

These last weeks are intense.

Everything is happening so fast … in such a beautiful, powerful … and yet tender way.

I am grateful for this life … this special Life … where I need to keep surrendering to be molded from the sacred fingers of Love and Light.

Frictions look bigger than ever, yet I know that through them I have the possibility to grow and create stronger muscles for my Soul.

And Love ……..

LOVE is the Teacher that will guide me in each present moment.


Everything is Energy


We are energy and everything is energy.

Everything is made up of waves of energy, from rock to light. Each vibration moves or undulates (like a wave) at a particular speed or frequency, therefore, the vibration of a rock will have a much lower frequency than the vibration of light. As everything is energy, all of our thoughts and feelings have vibrations and frequencies and have the most profound effect on our lives, and our perception of the world around us – they are our most potent creative force.

It is important to be responsible for what we are and what we project: for we attract circumstances and people depending on the energy we give out – our vibration attracts the same vibration, the closer it is to light or source, the higher the frequency and the converse is also true.

For this reason, I find it important to start the morning with the right note, smiling at the new day as a divine gift. If we start the day with gratitude this helps us to open up, to open our hearts to give and receive. It helps to harmonize our vibrations to the higher frequencies.

A harmonic music that sounds and reverberates in our hearts and in each one of our cells will be felt and perceived by the people we meet in any environment or even just when we walk down the street.

When love and harmony flow from our hearts we can see miracles all around us.

I remember one morning in New York, while I was doing my usual walk to go to work, I experienced an unforgettable moment. I was walking, present to the moment and with gratitude for the new day. At one point, near the traffic lights, I saw that something was happening that was creating disharmony. A driver was making an illegal u-turn and I observed the change of the vibration – the lowering of the frequency – within and around me, from harmony to disharmony. This perception of change came to me before it became apparent to the other drivers present at the scene. I remember stopping walking and praying for harmony, I connected to those harmonic vibrations in my heart and then consciously let them flow out and expand around me. All of this was happening in a very short period of time, in a split second, and what I noticed is that the energies worked so fast that the unexpected happened: everyone had seen what was happening but no one had honked or become negative as one would expect. All they did was to wait and accept the act of the errant driver and, shortly after, the traffic was resumed normally.

At that moment I realized, more than ever, how important it is to have the constant aim to create harmony within and allow it to expand, no matter where we are.

After that episode, every time I find myself in an environment where I feel discomfort due to the expression of negative emotions, I always pray and ask for help so that harmony can manifest. I have witnessed miracles and I treasure them in my heart.

We are responsible for what we create every day and it is important that we live every moment being ‘awake’ and not ‘asleep’.

We have to be consciously aware that every thought is a vibration, every action is a vibration. It’s up to us to choose the vibrations that we irradiate.

What is their origin? Are they coming from the light or the dark?

If they come from the Light they will allow us to live in the moment in a constructive manner … creating more Light. If they come from the darkness they will keep us anchored to something that is the opposite of construction, that is destructive … creating darkness.