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… where the Nothing and Everything are merging

It is in entering the state of God 
that we experience Completeness and Freedom. 
In that Light there is Faith that ‘Thy Will Be Done’. 
In the thought of God, 
in God, there is Harmony, 
There is alignment in between all Worlds, there is Union. 
It is a state where the Nothing and Everything are merging.

In the Breaking-Through

But in the breaking-through,

when I come to be free of will of myself

and of God’s will

and of all his works

and of God himself,

then I am above all created things,

and I am neather God nor creature,

but I am what I was 

and what I shall remain,

now and eternally.

Meister Eckhart


God Is Shy of Strangers


‘God exists. If you are convinced of God’s existence then it rests with you to seek Him, to see Him and to realize Him.

Do not search for God outside of you. God can only be found within you, for His only abode is the heart.

But you have filled His abode with millions of strangers and He cannot enter, for He is shy of strangers. Unless you empty His abode of these millions of strangers you have filled it with, you will never find God.

These strangers are your age-old desires — your millions of wants. They are strangers to God because want is an expression of incompleteness and is fundamentally foreign to Him who is All-sufficient and wanting in nothing. Honesty in your dealings with others will clear the strangers out of your heart.

Then you will find Him, see Him and realize Him.’

Meher Baba

From ‘The Everything and The Nothing’.

In His Will is our Peace


“But you who are so happy here, tell me:
do you aspire to a more profound insight, or a greater ecstasy?”

She smiled a little, as did the shades beside her;
then answered with such gladness that her whole being seemed to glow with love’s first fire:

‘Brother, God’s generosity itself calms our will,
and makes us want no more than what we have, and long for nothing else.
If we desired any greater bliss,
we would not be in harmony with Him
whose love assigns us to a lower place.

The essence of this joy
is that we all have given up our personal desires
so that our will is merged with God’s own will.

Therefore our rank in heaven, from height to height,
is just as dear to each particular soul
as to the Master who appointed it.

In His will is our peace: It is the sea
into which all currents and all streams
empty themselves, for all eternity.”

~Dante Alighieri

Forgive the Dream

All your images of winter
I see against your sky.
I understand the wounds
That have not healed in you.
They exist
Because God and Love
Have yet to become real enough
To allow you to forgive
The dream.
You still listen to an old alley song
That brings your body pain;
Now chain your ears
To His pacing drum and flute.
Fix your eyes upon
The magnificent arch of His brow
That supports
And allows this universe to expand.Your hands, feet, and heart are wise
And want to know the warmth
Of a Perfect One’s circle.

A true saint
Is an earth in eternal spring.

– Hafiz


In The Stillness


In the stillness of space and time the heart hears silent words.

This state of peace and opening contains the Universe and in the         

 “uni-verse” there is oneness with the Whole. 

In this state things unfold the way that it’s supposed to be. 

Nothing can be done but to adjust our pace to the pace of the Higher, 

to walk in silence in the stillness of time and space,

to live in the space that exists in between cells. 

In this state there is no forcing or holding,

each step is guided by silent words and the invisible hand. 

The heart beats in alignment with the harmonic beats of the uni-verse, 

and in between beats there is the opening for the existence of Love and God.


Expands His Being

All beings are words of God,
His music, His art.

Sacred books we are, for the infinite camps  in our  souls.

Every act reveals God and expands His being.
I know that may be hard
to comprehend.

All creatures are doing their best
to help God in His birth
of Himself.

Enough talk for the night.

He is laboring in me;

I need to be silent
for a while,

worlds are forming
in my heart.    

~Meister Eckhart

Loves Messenger