Your Kiss

Your Kiss

In the first morning
When the Sun is pleasing the sky with its Light
You came to please me with your Presence.

As a new born blade of grass
Is bowing in front of the sun
Under the sweet pressure of a dew-drop

So here I am
Bowing  in front of You
Under the sweet pressure of your Kiss.

Annalisa Grova


Waves of Love

The winds are whispering secret words
While we are diving in waters
That are colored with one thousand rainbows

Waves of Love are taking us to a sky that is pure and clear
While the moon full of light illuminates the clouds

Ancient faces are bringing us back to many ancient lives

Beyond all times and spaces

A whisper
A glance

Another whisper
Another glance

First we are lost in those waters

After we find each other on those skies

Illuminated from a moon full of light

Beyond waters and skies
Beyond times and spaces

More whispers
More glances

Waves of Love

A Moment

That is eternal and sacred

Annalisa Grova



Under the Same Sun


A dance of lights and shadows on a calm winter afternoon.

Life goes on… it keeps flowing… under the same Sun.

From the sounds of New York to the deep peace of this sacred corner of Sardinia.

In this silence the sea speaks, as well as the stones and the wind.

I hear them.

They are welcoming me back to this Ancient Land.

I look up at the sky and I am thankful.

I left my Children and Friends and now I find Them here

While, sitting on a rock, I lose and find myself in the infinite horizon.

Life continues to flow at the beat of every heartbeat

With each breath of this air of light.

Far away and yet close… under the same Sun!


Sunrise in Sardinia


This morning I woke up with the desire to make the morning special!

I went out to find the Sun rising.

Amazed from the paintings in the sky and

the meditative state of the sea while the birds were singing.

My soul rejoiced with such a fulfilling breakfast!!! 

… The curious Wind


I have written letters of Love and I have delivered them to the Sun

so that he would keep them secretly in his light 

Yet the curious Wind has stolen them and has guarded them in his heart 

He waited  for a red passionate sunset

to softly whisper those words of Love in the ears of a thousand Waves

I was there during that sunset

I heard his whispers … 

While the Sun was sitting  

made ​​me a wink

I replied with a knowing glance!

Annalisa Grova

Annalisa GrovaA