A New Beginning



It’s a new cycle

A new beginning






The sun is shining


In my heart

In my soul


I leaf through the pages

Days, hours, minutes…



I can scrape the sky


Flying beyond the horizon


In what has been

In What Is


It is a New Year

A new beginning


I write these words today. I expand in them… in Faith. They are mirroring my state. My prayer is that this blessed state in which I am now will be maintained… through new joy, through new suffering.

Yes, because this is Life.

It must be lived in each moment, in presence, without illusions of what it will be.

Its impermanence must be accepted.

It must be lived in Love, for ourselves and for others. Yes, because Love conquers the dark, conquers suffering, conquers the lack of something or someone. Afterwards Love is reborn strengthened, reinforced.

To love… beyond judgments and prejudices… beyond the ego.

To have Faith… beyond emotions and thoughts… beyond their own finite limits.

To Live…

Aligned in all the worlds that we contain and that contain us.

Perfect in our imperfection.

A new beginning

… where the Nothing and Everything are merging

It is in entering the state of God 
that we experience Completeness and Freedom. 
In that Light there is Faith that ‘Thy Will Be Done’. 
In the thought of God, 
in God, there is Harmony, 
There is alignment in between all Worlds, there is Union. 
It is a state where the Nothing and Everything are merging.

Meet Everyone in the Field of Love

Trust that everything that is sent to you is what you need for your Growth

Open your Heart to the Universe and receive all that is awaiting for you

There Is No Good or Bad

When you feel that your mind takes space, go back to your Heart

When fears are coming, embrace them, smile at them and let them go

We Need Them All

Agonies and Ecstasies

Do not have expectation and imagination about the unfolding of your day

Do not judge yourself or others

Just Be

Allow the waves of life to take You 

Do not resist them

Embrace with Gratitude everything that comes

Love each moment as a Gift that was sent to you from beyond the Skies

Do not see separation in between you and others

Because there isn’t

Meet everyone in the Field of Love where ALL IS

Enjoy the freedom of just Being Who You Are


2015-09-10 15.21.47

May You Be Blessed

Look up and See what you never saw

The Light of All Lights shines in your very Soul
Fire burns all that is old and your Heart expands beyond all knowing

Merge in that Love that goes over this time and space
Rejoice in this Life with each atom of your Spirit
Remember from where you came and where you will go.

May you be blessed in this very moment
In your Essence
In the Light of All Lights
In the Love of All Loves

May you be blessed little Child for who you are
Remember the Joy and the Love
Embrace all that was and offer it to the Stars

May you be blessed Man and Woman
For your prayers and endless Faith
You are expanding in His Grace
With Fortitude and Love

May you be blessed my Children
In the Nights and Days of All Times
May you grow expanding your beings
In the Joy of Life

May you be blessed my Neighbor
You that I know and beyond that knowing
We are part of the same Light
and we were born to go back to It.

May you be blessed
Grain of sand
Drop of water
Bird and fish
A smile and a tear
Love and Suffering

May You Be Blessed
Because in this very moment there are only blessings

For What You Are
For What I Am
For What Is



A New Note


A rain of leaves
comes from the sky
We call for stillness
and they answer with their songs

It was Spring
It was Summer


In this Fall

They are flying
Releasing a new note
That treasures within
The secrets of Life

Did I ever heard these voices?
They are reminders to just Be
To bring presence to each moment

Before reaching the earth
After flying in the air

They are reminders of these cycles of life
That can offer in each breath
Another miracle of Love.



Be Simple and yet Complete

Be Simple and yet Complete

May you be Simple and yet Complete in the Love of all Loves.

Simple like the smile of a child that belongs to the realm of Angels
Simple like a grain of sand that is part of the Uni-Verse
Simple like a drop of water that contains in it all Mysteries
Simple like a spark of Light that embraces in it all Miracles

Remember the source that generated You
That source keeps existing in You and was never lost
Like the Sun that ever shines beyond clouds and nights

You just have to Remember Who You Are

In that knowing there is
No loss or gain
No joy or pain
It Is What It Is
It is All Now

Be Simple and yet Complete!



On a Summer Night

Stars are flying
In an enlightened sky of a summer night

Be the Sky now and Be the Earth
Be the Ocean and Be the Wind
Become the Essence of All that Is

Become naked
You will be kissed from a million stars
Flying in an enlightened sky of a summer night

Don’t be shy
Walk on the sand
Free from the uncomfortable robes that covered your heart

Become Light

Become Love

Become Free

Be Who You Are

Become a Star flying in an enlightened sky of a summer night

He will reach you and you will finally Be
What you were dreaming to Be one year ago
When you were watching the falling stars
In an enlightened sky of a summer night

Annalisa Grova


Your Kiss

Your Kiss

In the first morning
When the Sun is pleasing the sky with its Light
You came to please me with your Presence.

As a new born blade of grass
Is bowing in front of the sun
Under the sweet pressure of a dew-drop

So here I am
Bowing  in front of You
Under the sweet pressure of your Kiss.

Annalisa Grova