Each Relationship Is Sacred

From the Notebook, June 2011.

Everything in life comes as a Gift from above. Each encounter comes for a reason, each Relationship is Sacred.

What it is asked to us is to Be Present to each moment, to have eyes to see each detail and an open heart to feel and recognize each vibration, to live our lives fully and be thankful for each momeimagent of life. In each moment, even in the most unexpected one, something important can come and in the energies we can find another opportunity for Growth, Healing, Regeneration … Purification.

Why am I here? What is the purpose of me living this life in the family I have, having all these relationships?

In the last months, at moments, more Light came to make more clear something that was not clear before and after living the question I could later experience the answers.

I am here with this physical body and with the gift of a Soul that needs to grow in her being, her being of Light, that needs to be purified day by day.

Is that, one of the aims in this life time, is the purification of the Soul and from that the purification of the Whole?

An image comes often to me: I feel like there is a web and I am a part of it.
Many lines depart from the point where I am, like all relationships that I have in this life. Many other lines are related and connected to those lines, moving forward and backwards, in the future and past. I don’t even know about them and yet there is a feeling of infinite connection, Union.

Meher Baba says: ‘Distance between a drop here and a drop there in the ocean makes no difference to each drop’s relation to the ocean. Any drop within the ocean is within the entirety and homogeneity of the ocean.’

Each time I let go, I forgive, I have compassion … I am Thankful … there is a vessel that becomes freer from those heavier energies that were blocked there and becomes open to breath in and out Love and Light.

All relationships are an opportunity to reach that special moment where the Holy Light comes, regenerates and purifies another part of the Soul and from there travels in all directions, healing all pasts and futures.

There is a feeling that this purification goes beyond me … that Love and Light travel, healing and purifying so much more … allowing our Souls to move upward … to ascend.
It is a purification that is not only related to ‘my Soul’ but to the Whole. The feeling of sacred Union in between all Souls and Heavens … Microcosms and Macrocosms … the feeling of Infinite Light and Love traveling with freedom in all directions, becomes more clear.

Each time we let go, we forgive, we have compassion, we Love … it is not only for us, for our family’s members or friends … it is for so much more than we can think is possible.


The Answer To All Questions

imageWe all are born as Light and in that Light resides the Answer to all questions that arise in our lives.

Yet we can find millions of ways that deviate us from the Main Road. In those moments we are forgetting Who We Are.

We need to Re-member that we came from the Source and that we are Reflectors of that Light.

We were born knowing the Answer to all questions that is Pure, Simple, Clear. Yet, we often forget it, chosing darkness instead than Light and in that confusion and unclarity we lose ourselves.

If we can only Remember our Real Essence in each moment, then we will know the One Answer and we will not need to ask anymore any question because we will constantly Live the Answer that Is Infinite and Eternal.

Annalisa Grova

Do not fear and LIVE!

From the Notebook: Sardinia, March 1st, 2015

At the seashore … sitting on rocks … on a winter day. Waves are coming close to me, touching the smooth white stones and making them roll over each other, creating the most distinctive music. I close the eyes … I feel this music inside … inside the brain … in the veins … inside the heart. Each one of the cells reverberates in this nothingness.

imageI keep writing while I am living this creation … I see three birds flying, freely in the skies. The sun is warming up this body and it is shining through the hundreds of white stones that are reflecting back its light. Creation is expressing itself in a thousand colors, sounds and scents.

My intention today was to write about fear and yet … now … in this now … I don’t have words. In a state like this, in these light vibrations, fear doesn’t exist.
Like the waves, the stones …. the three birds … I am free, free in this present moment.

Yes! We do not fear when we are present; and only when we are in presence we do truly LIVE!

While I find myself in that line of light, where in the  horizon the skies are entangled with the waters … the wind takes a flight, comes closer and whispers in my ear:

Each time that fear comes have the Courage to enter the labyrinth that fear has created, find the beginning of the thread. Step by step unveil the imagination. Keep following the thread with Patience and Faith, until you will start seeing the Light and you will find the way out, out from a labyrinth that is not real. Outside that labyrinth there is Clarity and Love and where there is Love there is not fear.’

Do not fear and LIVE!

Yes! LOVE and LIVE.

Annalisa Grova

Emotions ‘buried alive’.

1222015From the Notebook: January 9, 2015, New York.

It is January 9 and  I am still here in America.

The moon is high in the sky and the sun has not yet risen. Among the bare winter trees I can hear the wind talking … I see the snow making all roofs white and I hear cars in the distance …

Life goes on.

There is a feeling of being in a dream … in front of everything that is happening … in this moment that looks surreal.

Did it ever happen to you to receive some news, on a day that you thought would be like any other, and instead those news have changed you completely? You received such a shock that life suddenly acquires a completely different meaning.

It was December 29, Monday morning, and I was in my friend’s car, both were going to a meeting. Between one word and another I get a message. Our friend, Anna, is at the emergency room, hospitalized for a stabbing pain on her back.

That morning I got up imagining how the day would go and now I find myself in the car and the direction that the day is taking is completely different from what I had imagined!

In less than half hour, four of my friends and myself, instead of being at the meeting are at the hospital, looking into each other eyes and wondering about the meaning of that severe back pain. In our minds we think that soon, in the same day, Anna will be back home.

Again the imagination had failed!

One doctor after another, exams, questions … Anna comes in and out of that room, above a trundle-bed, after each examination, increasingly worried about the pain and what is going on. Each time the incredulous gaze of her eyes is meeting with ours. Anna is not understanding what is happening the same as each one of us. Our common aim from the beginning is to help, to support and ‘relieve’ her pain with our ‘smiling’ presence, until she has the first injection of morphine.

A few hours pass and the door opens for the umpteenth time. A doctor comes in and her mouth starts speaking words that one after the other are forming an unexpected news … unsettling for Anna and all of us. Tumor masses were detected at different levels including the spine. 

We are silent. Anna starts talking with tears in her eyes, almost not believing the words that she had heard. We are around her, each of us in a state of presence, trying to find harmony between the thousand thoughts that are invading the sky like wings of fear. It is the first fight that see myself having faith and accepting what it is. Personally I start living many difficult and yet special moments. I know how important it is to stay present and maintain a positive attitude, not allowing my mind to bath into the shores of negative imagination about the future. That is my goal: to support my friend, reminding her and especially reminding myself, to live constantly in the present moment, to live the moments one after another, believing in the miracle and hoping that the miracle that I am praying for corresponds to the divine will.

In the afternoon I pass several hours alone with Anna, from a corridor to another of that big hospital in New York, waiting for the clearing of a room in the oncology department. We talk about many things, especially trying to understand the connection between the masses, quite important, at the level of the spine and the emotions buried in them!

A first obvious emotion that comes out is that Anna for many years had felt unsupported by the family and had suffered intensely for this. Now that spine that was supporting the body was suffering and was screaming in pain.

In the hallway of the hospital that afternoon, I speak to Anna … both of us trying to understand the evolution of the disease. “The spine is the support of the body and you didn’t feel supported. In time, the pain rooted creating embedded parts which are now old and rotten and must be eradicated. Your arms right now cannot move freely because the pain and they cannot embrace what life is offering. You are blocked. There is insecurity and doubts about what it will be. Opportunities are constantly coming and are telling us to forgive and create new relationships with ourselves and others. The child that exists in us needs Love. It’s time to heal from all that is related to the past, cutting the cords of energy and becoming free. We have to become complete through the Light and Love that come directly from the source and that want to shine freely through all the cells of the body. There is a whisper of sacred words in the air that reaches the cells … there is the hope that they can regenerate to a new life. “

In the past few years, how many times I have personally realized that emotions ‘buried alive’ may resurface at some point, screaming for help to be freed and ‘enlightened’ !!!

How many times the body silently screams in pain, until, if it is not heard in time, generates disease.

Oh, if only we could hear and listen and constantly let go …!

Annalisa Grova

Let Go and Live

From the notebook : November 4, 2013

Here in Sardinia, in these last months, many times I found myself sitting on ancient rocks, observing the sea, remembering some words from my Teacher Mervyn.

“We are terrified of letting go, terrified of living

Since learning to live is learning to let go

Let go, Let go, Let go, or you will hurt.”

An extra effort is needed to let go of ‘things’ that can create lower energy and a state of heaviness.

We are so used of living with heavy garments, covering what in its essence wants to be ‘naked’ at the Light of the Sun!

Yes, it is so ‘strange’ for us to go around ‘naked’, to just Be, to live from the Heart, in the simplicity of its miracle, to just Be and live expanding in Love.

I have Faith that each moment comes with opportunities that are leading us to expand more in freedom, like the Ocean, like the Skies. Often the same play is repeating itself until we will be able to see more. When we are able to keep the state of Presence, living as more as possible in the lightness of the Now where everything IS, we will be guided to use the right tools and to finally cut those cords that are not allowing the letting go of things.

That ‘letting go‘ is one of the keys that can open many doors.

Sometimes, if something related to the past or future is showing itself  in the theater of the mind, I acknowledge it… I breathe… I see what I have still to learn and then I embrace it with Acceptance and Compassion. I Forgive myself and others. I drink from the chalice of Peace. With Humility I allow the letting go and the flow in the infinite Light of the Whole.

At times it is not easy with all of them, some stay longer creating friction and pain and yet…

learning to live is learning to let go!

We are energy in constant flow and when we are holding ‘things’ we are just giving attention to the mind and that mechanical part of us. More we hold of things and more energy will be stuck, stagnating, there will be no flow and opening for all other possibilities that are Here Now for Us.

I am verifying that it is not easy to keeping letting go and I am observing that at times there is a sort of ‘friction in between cells’ almost felt at the heart level and yet that friction is felt and lasting less and less as the practice goes on.

Yes, Let Go and Live.

And when the letting go happens, there is the opening of a space for stillness, silence, Peace, Love and in that state the old dies and something new is born, like in the shore… like with the waves that come and go… returning to the ocean.

And there is understanding, opening, a sense of circulation of Light and Love inside the veins… inside the cells… inside the heart.

Everything becomes lighter…


I Am.

Keep surrendering

Notes from December 2011

These last weeks are intense.

Everything is happening so fast … in such a beautiful, powerful … and yet tender way.

I am grateful for this life … this special Life … where I need to keep surrendering to be molded from the sacred fingers of Love and Light.

Frictions look bigger than ever, yet I know that through them I have the possibility to grow and create stronger muscles for my Soul.

And Love ……..

LOVE is the Teacher that will guide me in each present moment.